1. Corruption has been one of the topics I have talked and written about most this year . The corruption in Judiciary, the corruption in parastatals , the corruption in government , is what has killed Kenya . I will not relent until someone somewhere in Africa listens .

2. Today I want to raise stakes higher by intellectually attacking Commercial BANKS of Kenya that handle corrupt proceeds. The Governor of CBK should not just FINE the banks but must CLOSE them down and their trading LICENSES must be withdrawn completely and the owners put in jail. That is is what happens in USA where he studied all his life.

3. Corruption is something that I have given a huge chunk of my time and it is the source of hatred against me in Kenya . With determination and energy, I have expounded on matters of corruption because it's a contagious and affects every Kenyan and African at large.

4. Corruption is a dangerous disease that inhibits economic growth and stunts the rate of development and implementation of crucial projects that precipitate prosperity of a nation.

5. When billions of shillings earmarked for projects ends up in people’s pockets then the ambitious BIG 4 AGENDA cannot implemented .Misappropriation of funds is a heavy blow to the implementation of any government project.

6. It's therefore, prudent that Kenyans condemn and speak with one voice against these gullible individuals stealing taxpayers money on a daily basis. It is also important that every arm of Government stands up to fight corruption. Starting from the Judiciary.

7. Every day Kenyans wake up to scandals involving key government officials and loss of funds. In fact every government department has its fair share of money looted through dubious project payments made to nonexistent entities and companies.

8. These payments are done even when there are no service rendered or goods supplied. The rate of thieving in the system is absolutely jaw dropping.

9. The CBK has today fined some banks for receiving and paying out stolen money but such action is not proportional to the loss. CBK should have shut down the banks as a lesson to the future thieving institutions.

10. Apparently, these funds being looted end up in the personal accounts of powerful cartels . These wanton looting of money from the taxpayers coffers is a well cheograghed plan to amass as much money as possible to mount a well funded future political games.

11. Some of the choppers dotting Kenya’s skyline, the high rise apartments and sleek expensive vehicles you see around are the proceeds of corruption. Kenyan people must document them and pass over to DPP and DCI .

12. These individuals have accumulated huge amount of wealth in a short period which actually might surprise God. Unless they have factories that manufacture money, the rate at which they exhibit corruption traits is high.

13. All theft of Government funds is done through Banking institutions .The funds stolen from Kenyans end up in Kenyan commercial banks . These Banks unfairly benefit at the expense of the ordinary citizens .

14. A tough line against IMPUNITY has to be tamed through tough DETERRENT MEASURES . Corruption and graft has to be uprooted. The proceeds of corruption must be tracked and returned to its true owners who Kenyans.

15. In doing so the Legacy of the President will be remembered . Let there be no moment of relenting in the fight against corruption. Let the people of Kenya help President Uhuru Kenyatta to fight corruption at all levels in Government. Take a step forward and assist the President in this noble cause .

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