1. The current looting spree of public money by public servants and the type of negligence exhibited by public servants while executing their duties in Government agencies leaves a lot to be desired.

2. This prudish trend will endanger the country's road to economic growth and hinder the much needed development that Kenya yearns for . The DPP , NIS ,DCI & EACC plus other institutions have done well so far in this fight against corruption .

3. But it appears the cartels are determined and are boldly swindling the taxpayers billions of shillings every year through fictitious deals. The worst is when they walk free and turn to hiring assassins to intimidate some of us who speak out .

4. The biggest danger of Corruption is that it keeps thriving near all parastatals in Kenya. When money meant for projects dry up we see the same cartels turn to muzzling institutions to start insulting President Uhuru Kenyatta

5.The sword that was given to President was a symbol of power to discipline corrupt people who operate with impunity. It's a time for action. It's the perfect time to see the corrupt rotting in jail.

6. The sword gives powers to the President of Kenya to be tough and slice those who violet the laws. Kenya is being ripped apart by the greedy thieves who have a huge insatiable appetite for stealing .

7. The funds earmarked for youths to engage in small businesses and keep them off from crime is being embezzled by the untouchable elites. The justice system must ensure these individuals pay for their crime.

8.!BUT the amount of Corruption in Judiciary worries every person in Kenya. The Judiciary is the sole reason for the sorry state of affairs of this country. A temple of unadulterated greed.

9. President Uhuru Kenyatta must crack the whip on the Judiciary . Most of us have this song of a corrupt Judiciary And have now become targets of Malice by agents of the Judiciary.

10. Corruption must be tackled ruthlessly by the courts. Kenyans are eager to see action taken by ruthless Judges against those who misappropriate taxes paid by Kenyans.


God bless Africa

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