1. Kenyans must rise and strike a blow to Maraga’s axis of evil -the Judiciary . Today on behalf of Pan Africanism I call upon Kenyans on Twitter and Facebook to rise up and force Maraga out. A country can afford a getaway Parliament and a tyrannical executive..but...it cannot survive a rogue and corrupt judiciary.

2. The insane state of judiciary in Kenya today is an existential threat to the country. Under Chief justice Maraga, judiciary has turned into a dangerous force of backwardness and destabilization of the nation.

3. Coincidentally, this tragic week which demons of death visited Kenya, Maraga's judiciary released a number of suspected terrorists to go back and prepare to attack Kenya.

4. This is because because the activist courts have raised the bar of proof in such cases to crazy levels way above international levels is because activists Judges like Judge Manjanja are corruptly involved in the schemes to fix the cases .

5. Terrorism is no longer an alien concept confined to the Middle East, it is a evil here with us. Many judicial systems have devised innovative stringent ways of dealing with terrorist related cases.

6. In Kenya, judiciary is stuck in corruption, legal bigotry and intellectual paralysis. The CJ himself is incompetent and not able to run the Judiciary. What can one expect from an incompetent court?

7. Under Maraga, terrorism has found a fertile breeding and operational field in Kenya. A safe haven where the angels of death can bask under the sunshine of Kenya's democracy and breath the oxygen of human rights enshrined in the constitution in furtherance of their death mission.

8. The terrorists know their lawyers will rush to court waving a copy of the constitution, quoting the Bill of Rights and the right to bail. With some cards exchanged under the table, the courts will forget the right to life of terror victims and grant the terrorist's prayers.

9. Why would the judiciary allow such criminals the latitude to enjoy the constitutional and democratic rights which the same criminals wish to undermine? What a paradox!!!

10. Anyway, Kenyans know that the judicial system is in abject deficiency of intellectual and philosophical leadership under Maraga and Mwilu stewardship. Why has the people of Kenya kept silent ?

11. The only qualification which propelled the two to the top of judiciary is their glaring incompetence. Their perceived harmlessness and succession war at judicial service commission is what conspired to give the country the worst judicial leadership ever.

12. This was not until they almost threw the country to the dogs after nullification of 2017 presidential election at the behest of local and dark foreign forces.

13. For me I stand by my facts. I have looked at the interview data from the archives and I am shocked about the level of corruption on the panel .

14. I say without fear of contradiction, that ..intellectually neither Maraga nor Mwilu is qualified to tie the shoe laces of Justice Willy Mutinga's shoes: Neither are they morally qualified to polish those of Justice Gicheru.

15. The country has no alternative but to forcefully get rid of Maraga and Mwilu if they don’t voluntarily resign.Let Kenyans wake up on KOT and Facebook and other social media turn the heat on CJ Maraga &co to go.

God bless Kenya

Dr.David Nyekorach -Matsanga




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