As an African with pure African brain I see a danger where MDC Alliance is so desperate for a turnaround placebo to rescue their continuously nose diving political fortunes, Zimbabwean main opposition MDC-T has turned to political quackery from notorious NGOs and pseudo-intellectual political scumbags from Kenya and beyond.

These swindlers and their jaundice elitist-ideas are brought to ensure they pull MDC-T from its current political Siberia. But will they ever tell Nelson Chamisa the truth—he is stark naked—or they will continuously roll the drums and shamelessly escort him into the oblivion as is the expectation of all and sundry! This charade of trooping in so called “experts” is curiously familiar.

It enkindles memories of that incident in Bethany, when Jesus successfully pulled Lazarus from the grave, only that in the Zimbabwean opposition case, it’s an exercise fraught with futility right from the onset. MDC-T is not Lazarus, to be objective; MDC-T is the tormentor of Lazarus who in this context is Zimbabwe, and it must be noted that the rebranded ZANU/PF has clearly spelt its intentions to pull Lazarus from the tombs of hopeless-ness, economic retardation, sanctions, hunger, ineffective health system, dysfunctional public service system among others. It is ZANU/PF working tirelessly to pull Lazarus from the grave.

I’ve argued severally that age notwithstanding, Chamisa is a leader from yesterday vowing to take Zimbabwe back to the dark yesterday. He is still held a prisoner of the past, haunted by days as an exuberant student leader. This has greatly played to his lack of maturity, flippancy, vulgarity and wanton disorganization greatly exhibited by his party and the specious lies he remorselessly goes about telling Zimbabweans in his rallies and in the media.

To the extent that as I write, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission opines that MDC-T of Chamisa has recorded more cases of violence than all parties combined, points to the institutional failures and systemic rot within the opposition as an institution and its related stinking hypocrisy. But again, Chamisa himself has been on record for accepting that his party will greatly lose in the municipal polls. That statement alone makes him a butt of a joke, a mere statistics in the Presidential contest and gives Zimbabweans another reason why they must not elect him and his party.

No general goes to war with such morale-killing remarks to his troops, think about David developing cold feet before facing-off Goliath! How then does Chamisa hope to slay the many Goliaths savaging Zimbabwe? Such cowards have no place in the leadership of any serious nation like Zimbabwe .

How can they be commanders in chief when they are gutless eunuchs, leaders with no balls? They will transform the country into a post-colonial vassal state. As for the appointed foreign experts, they are the condemned Sisyphus about to embark on a tail-chasing errand.

The patient died long time ago, what we have a parody, a pale shadow of former MDC-T on the table of a mortician. I Matsanga I predict a win for ZANU -PF It’s too late, the cadaver of MDC Alliance is waiting for undertakers, relatives and the priest to preside over its burial on July 30th July 2018 . If I am wrong time will tell !!! Dr. David Matsanga.


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