1. Pan African Forum (UK) Ltd welcomes the postponement of the Kenya /Somalia ICJ Maritime case and clearly states that it is a victory for ACTIVISM. From 2014 this matter had been kept in the hands of the legal fraternity and into the diplomatic dark alleys of international conspiracies.

2.,On 30th August 2019 Pan African Forum (UK) Ltd filed several complaints in the Registry of ICJ against the Judge and President of the ICJ who is a Somali National by name Judge Abdulqawi Yusuf. We cited many reasons to the Registrar as why he was not fit to be on bench that will decide the destiny of the dispute.

3. Pan African Forum (UK) Ltd are happy to have triggered the thrust of activism around the case and to have forced the Registrar of the court to shuffle the case to June 2020 for the Court to put its house in order . We encourage other people in Africa and especially Kenyans to stand up and speak for their country.

4. Pan African Forum (UK) Ltd maintains that Somalia and Kenya are sister countries and this conflict can resolved outside the court and both countries should use this period to re-evaluate their stands and return to ARBITRATION table as opposed to the ICJ route that could create everlasting tension and conflicts in the region .

5. Pan African Forum (UK) Ltd would like urge both states to consider the AU Constitutive approach of resolving the crisis and avoid too much fanfare over a matter that could separate the two nations forever.

6. Pan African Forum(UK) Ltd further wants the following countries Turkey , Qatar , France , Norway and USA to stop fueling the conflict further They are ARMING Somalia outside the UN Security Council mandate. The sale of arms against an international embargo to Somalia violates all international obligations. The recent where Turkey offered sophisticated jet fighters to Somalia must be condemned. Turkey also has been secretly training Somali pilots for missions outside UN mandate.

7. Pan African Forum (UK) Ltd wants Kenya and Uganda to report the above countries to the UN Security Council for reprimand. They violating the international standards of pacifying Somalia. Their engagement in Somalia is escalating the conflict instead of pacifying the country and while AMSOM of fighting TERRORISM these countries seem to be doing what they did in Syria where ISIS was armed.

8. Pan African Forum (UK) Ltd will this week table evidence to Norway and Kenyan investigators about the Prime Minister of Somalia who is behind the escalation of the dispute.

9. Pan African Forum (UK) Ltd would like to ask Kenya Government to investigate fully carry out investigations on how Norway is deeply involved in the Somalia oil industry and further more to investigate the current Prime Minister of Somalia on how he helped to Kidnap Norwegian officials in Dabaab Refugee Camps and later on together with some highly linked Kenyans with connections to terrorist in Somalia got a ransom.

10. Pan African Forum (UK) Ltd wants the top Somalia leadership especially the PM of Somalia investigated for his role in Norwegian Refugee Council whole in East Africa and how he sold the oil blocks in the Indian Ocean through Soma Oil & Gas Holdings Ltd

11. Pan African Forum (UK)Ltd thanks to all those who have volunteered this information and those who have assisted us in our journey of international ACTIVISM that has was missing in this Kenya / Somalia maritime dispute .We want to thank the officials of ICJ who have been useful in making sure the standards of the ICJ are Kept .

We are working flat out to find a solution.


Dr. David Matsanga

Chairman Pan Africa Forum (UK) Ltd



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