By Dr.David Nyekorach - Matsanga

The epic reception President E D Mnangagwa has received world wide since he became President of Zimbabwe in November 2017 will add mileage to his victory on July 30th July 2018.

It is therefore important that the people of Zimbabwe shun the enemies of Zimbabwe on July 30th 2018 because it is the same MDC leadership that trotted the globe looking for sanctions to kill Zimbabwe .

Zimbabweans must be told the truth that behind the push to facilitate a GNU is of-course George Soros and Kofi Annan who are very uncomfortable with such popular showings of ED Mnangagwa and ZANU -PF.

The USA and a few jealous western powers are still uncomfortable with any African leader who believes in, and expresses rational and coherent message on the possibility of African unity. That's why they had to kill Col. Muammar Gaddafi.

Today, Zimbabwe works as a cradle of Pan Africanism and ranks first among equals as the most important bearer of Pan-African message.
Therefore, most probably, President Mnangagwa and ZANU -PF are viewed as a major threat to neocolonial hegemony by USA.

It is the reason why the USA has refused to lift sanctions against Zimbabwe despite the good record of human rights. The USA through its mouth pieces of NGOs are now using pseudo civil society in Africa under the leadership of Vanguard Africa headed by Jeffery Smith to disorganize Zimbabwe.

A quick assessment of Zimbabwe Pre-Election and Post-Election status gives results of hundreds of Open Society Foundation OSF is based in neighboring countries who are coaching and funding opposition activities that could derail the Election road map ?

The number of cases that the opposition is piling on the ZEC shows any able headed international strategist that there is a George Soros hand that has planned a Pre-and Post Election road map for opposition in Zimbabwe.

The dwindling MDC support in Zimbabwe has forced Labour MP from UK Kate Hoey an extremists from Britain who injured the same Zimbabweans with sanctions to relocate to Zimbabwe to voice some residue sentiments against ZANU-PF .

As Zimbabweans campaign and give concessions for free and fair Election they must remember that among the same people there will be those who would want a situation whereby they can exploit the Election mood to destroy ZANU-PF.

ZANU -PF must remember that a big win will give hope to Pan Africanism and small margin will only make it for the George Soros to cry fowl.

My Zimbabwean comrades must remember that when dealing with disparate NGOs and dark forces that are being backed by George Soros like they were backed in Kenyan Election we must rely on case studies and accurate eyes.

The MDC lacks a common voice, agenda and roadmap to restore Zimbabwe to basket of Africa and therefor want just to either destroy or have a GNU which USA and Kofi Annan are fighting for.

God Bless Zimbabwe

Dr.David Nyekorach -Matsanga

LONDON 19.06.2018


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