Pan African Forum views events in Egypt as appalling and disgusting for African democracy and for the establishment of firm democracy in Africa. What has happened in Egypt is a military coup not anything else. Whatever one wants to call it, it is a military coup period.

The AU must not accept any act of double standards but suspend Egypt from AU until a return to democratic institutions that form part of the AU charter.  We don’t support most of the doctrine of Muslim Brotherhood especially their leadership that has links with Jihadists, but the people of Egypt decided to give Muslim Brotherhood over 50% of the vote to govern this populous nation in North Africa.

The USA and France together with their Open Society Foundation NGO, a branch of CIA are to blame for the mess that North Africans are undergoing today. The so called Arab Uprising crusade has produced another CIA brain child of double standards in Egypt.  African Union must condemn these tactics of divide and rule by USA and France on the continent.

The Tunisian Arab Uprising which removed a democratically elected government using Islamists radicals was one set of USA hegemony on Africa.  The world can now see that the current changes around the Mediterranean Sea will cause unmeasurable damage to the trade and other maritime activities on the route.  The high numbers of unemployment, the radicalization of the uprising in the case of Muslim Brotherhood and the Tunisian Islamic systems could trigger a big crisis around North Africa region

Pan Africa Forum further notes that the Libyan violent fiasco where Gaddafi was slaughtered was as a result of the same USA and French operations in North Africa.  The operations of CIA have crippled that nation and escalated the type of terrorism to Mali and other neighbouring countries in the Sahel region. The Jihadists that dismembered Libya in form of rebels and were supported by USA and the French are today masquerading as democratic rulers of Libya and yet underneath they actually do subscribe to simple international laws that govern the ICC jurisdiction of Seif Gaddafi.

Pan African Forum knows that the Egyptian so called revolution that toppled President Hosni Mubarak one of the engines of peace in the Middle – East was finance and coordinated by the same USA mechanisms. The same USA mechanism  realizing  that  they  had  erred  in  supporting Muslim

Brotherhood  to win elections in Egypt  changed  tactics and started  to starve the Egyptian democratically elected government funds for reorganizing the economy.

Pan African Forum notes that through the open Society Foundation of George Soros the USA has planted several underwater political currents in several African countries for violent regime change. In countries like Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Sudan, Zambia, Swaziland, operations of OSF are enormous.  These countries are on the radar system of   violent regime change USA and France.  The amounts of money that USA has pumped through OSF for regime change mechanism in Africa are equal to the GDP of a country like Lesotho.

The failure for USA to come out to state whether the Egypt military coup is a coup is a clear example of double standards where AU must not tolerate on the African soil.  The AU must not hesitate to call Egyptian coup a coup and must quickly move to ask for a time table for return to civilian rule.  Most of us know that Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamist organization and we are on record for condemning the emergence in North African route of the Suez Canal.

Pan African Forum lauds countries like Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe and many African countries that have spoken against the coup in Egypt. In particular we thank President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Kenyan Government for the oversight they have shown in rejecting the coup plotters who worked under the guidelines of USA hegemony in Africa.

Pan African Forum finally notes that the rule of constitutionalism must be given chance to grow in Egypt and there is no negotiations on this matter.  Muslim Brotherhood might have different agenda in the Middle–East but were chosen through democratic choice of the people of Egypt.  USA and France and Open Society Foundation must stop meddling in affairs of North Africa as this has multiplied problems for AU which is struggling to return democracy in Mali.


Dr. David Nyekorach – Matsanga.
Chairman /CEO
Pan African Forum Ltd & Africa world Media Ltd
Surrey England