Global Witness Group a London based NGO that has molested Africa for many years, on Tuesday 12th February 2013 issued a statement condemning Belgium for pressing the European Union member states   for their suggestion to remove sanctions against the government of and people of Zimbabwe. Many of us who have stood shoulder by shoulder with the people of Zimbabwe in fighting and telling the western world that sanctions in Africa don’t change regimes but hurt ordinary citizens the news came as sigh of relief.

It is in this light that our organizations: Pan African Forum Ltd and Africa World Media Ltd that have championed the removal of all forms of sanctions against Zimbabwe for the last 12 years, would like to reply and make the following statement so as to expose, educate  the inept and mentally derailed imperialistic agencies like GWG of London.

First, we want to thank countries like Belgium and Britain for listening to the truth on the ground and for accepting our lobby to remove all illegal sanctions imposed against Zimbabwe.   We encourage more and more European Union countries that were caught up in a web of deceit about illegal sanctions and in a bilateral matter between Britain and Zimbabwe not to listen to the cheap propaganda from such lobby groups (Global Witness).  They should create a redemption strategy of their own regarding Sanctions against Zimbabwe.

Second,  we would like to state that,  it is only those  European ultra nationalistic  agencies like Global Witness Group that  are glued to dark ages of colonial- phobia  and  are currently  engulfed and clouded with  colonial amnesia , surrounded with  traits   of neo- colonialism of divide and rule that have tried to subscribe to such  cynicism. The same GWG has organized and equipped a silent hand of regime change through the opposition MDC in Zimbabwe that has failed to remove President Mugabe from power since the year 2000 when illegal sanctions were imposed.

Third, Global Witness Group must be belonging to  an analog system  in this digital age of global village that has failed to see that: human rights situation in Zimbabwe has drastically changed, they must have failed to see that the  same rule of law  that  has always been good in Zimbabwe has improved since the inception of  GPA  government  between 2008-2009. The  12 years of resilience and torment against the people of Zimbabwe by EU have the best values and norms of governance in Zimbabwe, to the extent that  Global Witness has not seen the drafting of a new  constitution that has been done and  accepted by Zimbabweans themselves? These are positive actions that should be encouraged by the EU.

Four, the removal of  illegal sanctions imposed on the sovereignty of the people of Zimbabwe will create a conducive atmosphere for holding a free and fair referendum and elections in 2013.   We are aware that imperial vultures of war are cycling around the Zimbabwe debate in order to change the direction of the wind of hope that Belgium and other sensible countries in Europe have initiated after 12 years of anguish and pain for ordinary Zimbabweans.

Five, sanctions against Zimbabwe have hurt the people for over 12 years. The purpose of these sanctions was to create a violent regime change mechanism against President Mugabe. They were called for by the same MDC opposition of Morgan Tsvangirai to destroy and maim the same people they now purport to lead today.   The failure of violent regime change that EU sparked in Zimbabwe has come back to haunt the same agencies like (GWG)that advocated for removal of President Mugabe.

Six , it must be noted that the economic meltdown that has been witnessed in Europe but not reported by Global Witness Group has accelerated international expansionist theories of some the  European countries like France. There is now a second scramble for Africa which has come in form of grabbing  huge economic contracts in Africa like the revamping of South African Railways by the French which Africa must be wary of. Therefore, the continuation of illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe was one of the strategies that European Union wanted to use in this regard to hang on Zimbabwe and Africa .

Seven, the current signs and statements by Global Witness must serve as a warning to the Government of Zimbabwe given that the hate and incitement game by such organizations (Global Witness and Human Rights organizations) could start after 16th March 2013  the date of Zimbabwe  referendum.  The government of Zimbabwe should have conducted a harmonized vote to avoid the pitfalls and challenges that lie ahead on this rigid terrain .  After the March 16th  2013 referendum  agencies like Global witness will use the results as yardstick to lobby EU against the lifting all sanctions.

Eight, the EU must avoid dangerous route of piece meal removal of sanctions as this will create apprehension among the people of Zimbabwe.  There should be no discrimination in selecting the names of those to be removed from sanctions. The captain of the ship who is President Mugabe must be the first one to be removed from the obnoxious list of sanctions. Our organizations will fight tooth and nail to clear their names and stop isolation of Zimbabwe and their leadership in the international community.


Dr. David Nyekorach – Matsanga.
Chairman /CEO
Pan African Forum Ltd & Africa world Media Ltd
Surrey England