Over 3,000 People have asked me to issue a statement on Bob Wine and many of my haters in Kenya and else where in Uganda have jumped on the bandwagon insulting me for my silence on the matter.


1. I want to state first that at my age of 60 and as Ugandan elder and Global Citizen I give wisdom not lazy judgements that can inflame situations that are already an inferno.

2. I don’t involve in politics of violence as I ended such politics when we fought and defeated Idi Amin and subsequently ended such politics in 2008 when peace returned to Northern Uganda and shook Museveni’s hand under the UN and AU Peace Talks in Juba South Sudan.

3. I started a struggle against oppression in Uganda when Bob Wine was not born and I have played my part as a Ugandan . History will not Judge me harshly as a freedom fighter in Africa.

4. My statement will not help Bob Wine or release him from the very violence and captivity he is in and in any case my statement if written it is painful to Ugandans and the world over .

5. I have written to the Ugandan Prime Minister Rt.Hon Ruhakana Rugunda regarding the state of violence that the nation finds itself and my letter is public .

6. Over 30 years in my exile life I have learnt that one thing that helps in a struggle is silent diplomacy and constructive engagement on matters that seem to be difficult. I will pursue that line until things are sorted out

7. Opposition in Africa must learn to be constructive and avoid violent traits and governments in Africa must be civil when handling irate opposition and follow the rule of law when dispensing Justice. Look

8. My heart goes out for those innocent people who were caught out in the violence especially women and youths whose only crime was to be in such places for campaigns . Mass hysteria politics that killed Jesus should be avoided in Uganda .

9. Politics of violent Demonstrations and destruction of property of poor Ugandans who have suffered to build them or got loans to rebuild their shattered lives is not my brand and type of politics . I believe in politics of CONSTRUCTIVE ENGAGEMENT and not in IMPULSIVE POLITICS .

Thanks all haters and friends

God Bless

Dr. David Matsanga


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