1.   I want to thank the Chief Prosecutor of ICC Ms. Fatou Besounda for acting maturely in her statement  of 19th December 2013  regarding case number  2 of President Uhuru Kenyatta (ICC-01/09-02/11). This is a welcome gesture for most of us who have been consistently saying nothing but the truth about the liars and ICC procured witnesses in both cases.  The Chief Prosecutor has no alternative but to stick to the guidelines of the Rome Statute given the false evidence and the lack of evidentiary threshold in case 2. This should have been done long time ago if it had not been for  the politics of international conflict merchants- the NGOs.

2.   I feel more saddened that  it has taken 5 years for the OTP to know that the evidence in both Kenyan cases was flawed.  I must hasten to add that an adjournment for me is not  my final resting point  as I want  all cases collapsed because flawed and cooked evidence. Termination of all Kenyan cases under  Article 53 of the Rome Statute of 1998 is the only option that will stop me from pressing the court and OTP to a full trial on my applications that are pending before Appeal Chamber 5 of ICC.

3.  This good news has come as a result of my lone ranger efforts and efforts of several other key players in the world who have supported me on this torrid journey. In my widely circulated  letter  to the Chief Prosecutor  of 10th December 2013  I gave the Chief Prosecutor 14 days to act  regarding outlawed  witnesses seeking sanctuary in the ICC in Europe (see www.africaworldmedia.com for full letter).  It is a crime in Europe and on European soil to use terrorists to testify in any court of law.  It was this defining moment  that broke the toughness of  my sister  the Chief Prosecutor on Mungiki witnesses who are not supposed to testify in European courts.

4.   It must go on record that serious crimes were committed by the OTP under Article 70 especially by the former Chief  Prosecutor during his  investigations in the Kenyan situation.  Both cases have contaminated  evidence and ICC procured  witnesses who should not be paraded in an international court  for the sake of Kenyan peace and unity.  Dropping all the cases will keep the face of ICC beaming in Africa.

5.  The world must know and I speak without fear of any contradiction  that  there are two pending applications in Appeal Chamber 5 filed by myself  (David Nyekorach­ Matasanga VS Prosecutor 14th October 2013 and another one 6th November  2013) one for perjury, obstruction of Justice, perversion  of Justice and the another one for clearing my name and unsealing my the evidence about intermediaries.

6. I gave information to investigators  on 12th and 13 April 2012 on how  evidence was collected and Kenyans and the world must know the truth about those who collected and falsified  evidence in a case where I exposed a liar witness (OTP4) James Maina Kabutu. Both cases are before the Appeal Chamber 5 and the applications have acted as a big roadblock and stopped  Fatou Bensouda from proceeding with these cases.

7.  For more than 5 years I have told the world that the manner in which witnesses were procured by  the ICC and  the way evidence  was collected  by  the Former Chief Prosecutor in Kenyan cases was flawed.  I have been baptized several names, loathed, vilified,  victimized,  witch-hunted, demonized, prostituted, ridiculed, and  even threatened with death by opponents of the Kenyan suspects for speaking the truth on these cases.

8.  Equally I have told  the  world  that  victims of the PEV of 2007-2008 must get justice when there is a fair trial with the correct people being charged with  the crimes that have been labeled on innocent people. Victims of the violence must be given a transparent  verdict not a faked verdict that could create more conflict in Kenya. It is also true that crimes were committed and over 1300 people died but to convict wrong people is like killing  the victims twice in their graves. The families of the victims and suspects have equally suffered  from  such actions that are condemnable  in international justice mechanisms.

9. My  heart  has never been broken by these insults from merchants of conflicts  - the NGOs of Kenya that  falsified evidence of these cases and collected  liars from  pork joints and bars of Nairobi and Eldoret  on behalf of Luis Moreno Ocampo. To give false evidence at ICC under Article 70 is a serious offence under the Altar of international justice. To accept false evidence under Article 70 knowingly, so as to frame suspects is also a serious criminal offence under the Rome Statute.

10.  Lastly I want to thank my family, my wife and children who have endured and  read a barrage of rotten toxins peddled by evil men and women against me. This culture of tormenting those who speak the truth in Africa and the world must stop. I want  to thank the people of Kenya, especially the families of both  victims and suspects that have undergone the agony during these dark years of falsehood.

11.  My great thanks goes to those in Kenya and Africa who encouraged me as a volunteer and Investigative Journalist to continue with the search for the truth. Sky News former Head of  Foreign news  Adrian Wells who facilitated the Sky News crew  that came in 2007 -2008 to cover the PVE crisis is thanked  although they terminated my consultancy in Africa because of my position on Kenya. I have no hard feeling since my contribution for  the Station in Africa  is known. Jeff Koinange whose TV  shows provided  me with a platform since 2008 to speak out for Africa is much honoured by me. Dr. Henry Gombya of The London evening Post of London and Capital FM Radio of Kenya and rest of journalist in Kenya and world over- thanks for covering my work on ICC.

12.  My good elders in Kenya (whom I will  personally  write to) who added value to  my work , the Think  Tank (Africa  Forum on ICC(AFI), Ugandan  President  Museveni, Minister Dr.  Ruhakana Rugunda,  Minister Sam Kutesa, South Sudan Former Vice­ President Dr. Riek  Teny Marchar  (encouraged me to push on with the truth) , in Britain (Baroness Ashton,  James Braithwaite, Baroness Scotland and other MPs that supported my path of exposing rotten evidence)  South Africa ( Felix and others  in foreign Affairs office)  and in Zimbabwe President Mugabe and (My friend known as EK who encouraged me to fight  for Africa), AU Chairperson Nkosanzana Zuma and Deputy  Chairperson E. Mwencha, friends, my researchers in my AWM office (Fred Bukaki), well-wishers, Steve Opiyo my IT man -thanks) who stood by me are thanked .

13.   There are special friends in Kenya whom  I am not able to name here for personal reasons but played key role in giving me moral support and intellectual support- you are thanked a million times.

14.  Finally Madam  Fatou Bensouda whom I have torn  to pieces because of Luis Ocampo's mistakes- find space in your heart to forgive me and I ask you for healing. The Kenyan haters and the social media operatives are also thanked. I ask for  forgiveness if I wronged anybody during this journey.  HAPPY XMAS AND NEW YEAR 2014

Thank You In Advance.
I remain
Dr. David Nyekorach- Matsanga
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