The world must be shocked at the Ruling that appeared today on the ICC website regarding case number two of President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta vs Prosecutor of ICC.  The sad thing that this court does is to always favour the OTP which failed in the first place to investigate all this materials at the initial period of Investigations.

It is now clear that ICC has turned the court into an economic court where land titles, shareholders, company details, car logbooks, bank balances, trial balances, telephone records, which work very well with an economic crimes court are being asked by OTP. President Uhuru Kenyatta was charged with the crimes against humanity as stipulated by the 1998 Rome statute.

The manner in which the Trial Chamber (v) b has gone about its work is a clear testimony and indication that a legal route for this case has “hit a concrete wall” and chances for a legal remedy infavour of President Uhuru Kenyatta are zero. The skewed practice and the pattern in which the court has dispensed justice from the beginning of this year leads to one conclusion - they want to nail some by hook or crook.

It leaves no alternative but for Africa and Kenyans to reject this court as being a malicious political court which is unable to take charge of crimes against humanity and shifted goal posts from time to time wanting to know how much President Uhuru Kenyatta is worth!

The writing on the wall is clear and we have no time on our hands but to call upon African Union (AU) to call for emergency Summit to find the way forward before 7th October 2014.  Kenyans must stand united to save their President from a malicious court and from flawed, faked, and diluted evidence where the OTP has conceded have no evidentiary threshold to take the case further.

The question that haunts me and may be it will haunt me up to my grave is how did land titles kill people in the 2007-2008 PEV?  The Chief Prosecutor who has claimed that all cases are independent know claims that she is at crossroads as to how she can terminate the case against President Uhuru Kenyatta!

This rubbish must be exposed to the international public. It is very clear that whatever way the cases go there will be a Post-Trial Conflict (PTC) which awaits Kenyans and Kenya as a nation.  For Fatou Bensouda to say she   is weighing options on both cases when they told the world that each case is on its merit is not only laughable but prudish and sardonic. I have cited several flaws.

 I have attempted to use judicial process to tell the court about the shortcomings of these cases. I have in particular stated in case of President Uhuru Kenyatta that his case died when OTP4, OTP11, OTP 12 were declared by same OTP as liars. Why then have the lies of those witnesses who have been condemned as liars and who gave information  to get information to determine a case when this same Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda  admitted in day time in Europe  that they lied?

I rest my case

Dr. David Nyekorach- Matsanga.
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